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All's Quiet

Located within an apple orchard by the Baspa river, the Baikunth Adventure Camp offers enchanting views of the Sangla Valley, as well as a number of adventure activities...

Driving Down The OLD WORLD

Explore Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur and Bijapur - three concealed yet multi-faceted destinations in Rajasthan - each different and unique, says Juhi Sinha...

Begum Akhtar

I often think that perhaps Begum Akhtar was how God meant women to be -beautiful, charming, whimsical, enigmatic - and in her case, enormously talented.

Magenta Magic

Tucked away in the northern-eastern corner of india, in the shadow of the majestic Kanchendzonga, Sikkim is perhaps India's last Shangri-la.

The Langas

Legend has it, that there was once a small Rajput boy in western Rajasthan who loved music. One day he saw a procession of musicians passing by. Fascinated by their music he followed them, and begged them to teach him. He was told that he could learn, but only if he converted to Islam. Determined to learn, the boy converted to Islam-and the first Langa was born.

Say Cheeeese!

The best part about being a foodie is making a journey to the source of your favourite indulgence, JUHI SINHA travels all the way to Holland and participates in the Alkmaar auction buzz.

Turban Tales

Headgear signifies a man's honour and position in Indian society. The colour and style differ from region to region, and community to community

An Ode To The Sun God

The busy beaches of Puri and the stunning Sun Temple in Konark make for a unique combination, says Juhi Sinha...

Amidst The Whispering Deodars

Sit-outs overlooking the valley, treks through alpine meadows and the sound of the wind in your ears, Chakrata is beautiful, quiet and unspoilt, writes Juhi Sinha

BODHGAYA: A Pilgrims Passage

The journey of a man who would have been king culminated here, when he became the Enlightened One. About 2600 years later, thousands come to Bodhgaya in the hope of rediscovering in the way of the Buddha.

CYPRUS - Treasure Island

Waters and Skies vie for a more brilliant blue in Cyprus, where the shifting sands of history are littered with the shells of myriad Cultures.

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